About Us


About Us!

Hi! I’m Thomas, the owner and creator of Gothic Gardens Cosmetics. I first started getting into makeup for my wife. My wife and I are both transgender people, she is a trans woman and I am a trans man. I used to mess around in makeup when  was younger but when I finally came out I sort of just dropped out of it. When my wife came out she wanted to wear makeup but she could not do it her self because of tremors caused by health issues. I learned how to do it, watching video after video and practicing on my self in-between the times I was doing looks on her. Eventually we hit a brick wall as she loved matte eyeshadows the best but the color selection in mattes that were workable were not extensive in our budget range. 


That is when I started to research about creating our own shadows. And after 6 months of formulating and research I came up with the first 8 shades of matte eyeshadows! I ended up falling in love with creating shades and looks! I pour all my love and dedication into these shades and the packaging as well!