Are your products vegan and cruelty free?

Yes! All our products listed are both vegan and cruelty free! We are in the process of applying for the leaping bunny as well 

How long from order will it take to receive my product?

Normally 1-5 business days from your Order being created we can have it ready to be shipped. This does depend on  amount of orders we have. If we have a huge influx of orders sometimes it can take 1-3 weeks. 

Do you make all of this from hand?

Every aspect of your product is hand made from the shade to the packaging. lots of love and dedication is poured into each item made specifically for you! 

How is it made?

Nitrile gloves are used when measuring, mixing, pressing, and handling products. all Equipment is cleaned nightly this includes washing, boiling, and then wiped down with 90% rubbing alcohol. All equipment are wiped with 90% rubbing alcohol again before use. 

Everything is hand mixed with dedicated blenders or with dedicated whisks depending on the product. All ingredients are sourced from reliable suppliers that follow strict regulations.

The packaging is created from similar ingredients you would use for actual book binding. I spent a lot of time learning how to book bind just to bring that aspect into Gothic gardens cosmetics.